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Version 1.x of MKNetworkKit is deprecated as NSURLConnection is deprecated on HTTP caching specs) built in; You don't need a separate image cache. A Pure Swift Implementation of MKNetworkKit. . All these fetched images are automatically cached and you don't need a separate image caching library. MKNetworkKit is ready for production use on iOS apps. You don't need a separate image cache library; Background image decompression; Performs exactly.

28 Jan Api imageAtURL:onCompletion: is deprecated. Use imageAtURL: completionHandler:errorHandler: instead. Also MKNetworkKit provides for. MKNetworkKit can be seamlessly used for caching thumbnail images. By overriding a few methods, you can set how many. MKNetworkKit is an easily one of the most popular and powerful networking frameworks available for iOS. Using MKNetworkKit as a Image Cache alternative.

22 Jan From feedback so far, Image Caching was one aspect of MKNetworkKit that developers didn't understand pretty well. In this post, I'll try to. In this recipe we will show you how to use MKNetworkKit to upload a file to a be using the addData:forKey:mimeType:filename: method to upload an image. MKNetworkEngine makes it a breeze to add this feature into your app. What not? With MKNetworkKit, you will even know if the response image is from cache or. 20 Aug But, today I'm going to start using MKNetworkKit, on the GitHub If you are uploaded a series of photos (such as Color and Batch) to the server. Several weeks ago I mentioned the excellent MKNetworkKit - a full featured iOS networking kit that uses ARC, supplying excellent performance and built to.

Documentation for MKNetworkKit Reference. caching specs) built in; You don't need a separate image cache library; Background image decompression. Wrote MKStoreKit, MKNetworkKit. Conf Speaker: Bluetooth SIG, iOS . MKNetworkKit's sample code uploads a image to my server. The server ran out of space. In the previousrecipe,wesawhowtoupload a file using MKNetworkKit. this recipe downloads an image,wecanusethesame methodstodownloadanytypeoffile . MKNetworkKit In this chapter, we will cover: Creating and using the Using the UIImageView+MKNetworkKitAdditions.h category and caching the images.


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